We develop custom software for scientific, research, and technological applications. Our software typically provides a connection between the physical world and the end user. It performs real-time control and data acquisition from different types of sensors, followed by data processing, analysis, and visualization. We design sophisticated algorithms and methods in order to meet customer needs and requirements.

Our software is an essential part of many projects developed in collaboration with world-class scientists, power electronics engineers, FPGA, firmware, and Web designers. The software is currently used in many research centers, fabs, laboratories, educational institutions, and big and small companies all over the world.

Many years of software development, along with a strong background in physics, mathematics, and electronics allow us to create efficient, reliable, and user-friendly tools. We always work in close cooperation with customers during all stages of the project, starting from design specification, through the development cycle, and finally supporting the software for its entire lifetime. We learn from customers, and customers learn from us.

Our special interest is simulation in physics, specifically analog electronics. We have developed several generations of circuit simulators for personal computers, always being a step ahead of commercially available products in terms of performance and features. While most of our simulators were only used by a limited group of scientists, our new product, NL5 Circuit Simulator, is publicly available.

Sidelinesoft, LLC
Fort Collins, CO
United States